English Grammar Module One to Module Seven (人教版高三英语下册教学论文)

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English Grammar Module One to Module Seven
Name________________ Class __________ Marks _________________
1. At the meeting they discussed four different _________ to the study of mathematics .
A. approaches B. means C. methods D. ways
2. You have been sitting on my hat and now it is badly out of __________.
A . date B. shape C. order D. balance
3. If we go on using energy so wastefully , ___________ are that our oil wells will be dries up before new energy sources can be found to replace oil.
A. chances B. difficulties C. questions D. problems
4. --- Would you mind giving your advice _________how to improve our business management?
---If you made _________ most of the equipment , there will be _________ rise in production.
A. in, / ,/ B . on , the, a C. for, / , a D. to, the , a
5. My most famous relative of all , _________ who really left his mark on America , was Rob Sussel , my grandfather.
A. one B. the one C. he D. someone
6. I’d enjoy _________ if you would like to teach me how to use the computer.
A. that B. it C. this D. you
7. I wonder why Jack always gets good marks when he does only _________ the others.
A. half as much as B. as much as half C. half as many as D. as many as half
8. Everybody knows that _____________.
A. nine is to three what twelve is to four
B. nine to three is what twelve is to four
C. nine to three is twelve to four
D. nine is to three twelve is to four
9. The situation was getting from bad to worse , one a Toyota , ___________ Land Rover of the latest.
A. another B. other C. the other D. the others
10. I, for __________, think he is guilty.
A . one B. two C. three D. four
11. The student in my class is __________ a musician.
A. anyone B. anything C. someone D. something
12. Fred, who had expected how it would go with his daughter, had a great worry _______ his mind.
A. on B. in C. with D. at
13. __________ achievement, last week’s ministerial meeting of the WTO here earned a low, though not failing, grade.
A. In terms of B. In case of C. As a result of D. In face of
14. Parents and teachers are advised to take pressure _________ a child and give him some encouragement before an exam.
A. off B. out C. from D. away
15. It was thought that things are getting worse, but _________ it is , they were getting better.
A. because B. when C. after D. as
16. __________ much contact with the outside world for many years, John found many technological inventions _________ to him.
A. With , known B. For , knowing C. Without , foreign D. By, know
17. __________ I understand what you say, I can’t agree with you.
A. Since B. As C. While D. So
18. For too long, European law makers have fought to __________ old days and old privileges.
A. hang on to B. have access to C. refer to D. see to
19. You never get over being a child, _________ you have a mother to go to.
A. as far as B. unless C. so long as D. although
20. --- How long do you think it has been _________ he arrived here?
--- No more than half a year, I believe.
A. when B. that C. before D. since
21. Human beings are different from animals __________ they can use language as a tool to communicate.
A. in that B. for that C. in which D. on which
22. Stop making so much noise ___________ the neighbor will start complaining.
A. or else B. but still C. and then D. so that
23. The new system encourages companies to compete with each other ________ equal terms.
A. on B. in C. with D. for
24. Of the two sisters, Betty is _________ one , and she is also the one who loves to be quiet.
A. a younger B. a youngest C. the younger D. the youngest
25. I wish you’d do __________ talking and some more work.. Thus things will become better.
A. a bit less B. any less C. much more D. a little more
26. I hope that I will no be called on in class as I am not yet __________ prepared.
A. attentively B. readily C. actively D. adequately
27. --- How did you catch so many fish ?
---By using a _________.
A. bamboo long fishing pole B. long bamboo fishing pole
C. fishing long bamboo pole D. bamboo fishing long pole
28. ---He is __________ a brave man.
---We can’t admire his courage _________.
A. actually, very much B. indeed, too a lot C. really , too much D. truly , a bit
29. ---I hear your aunt likes travel, music, clothes and fine food.
---Oh, yeah, and music may have been ________ of her tastes.
A. the rather more respectable B much the most respectable
C. very the most respectable D. even more respectable one
30. ---You are not afraid of snakes, are you?
--- No, certainly not. Not ants , not flies, and _________ ants.
A. at best B. at least C. best of all D. least of all
31. The Smiths are so __________ about everything that no servants could please them.
A. precise B. particular C. special D. specific
32. There were a lot of people standing at the door and the small girl couldn’t get __________.
A. between B, through C. across D. beyond
33. Most of us know that we should cut down on fat, but knowing such things isn’t much help when it __________ shopping and eating.
A. refers to B. speaks of C. focuses on D. comes to
34. Having my passengers in my car, I just wondered how I could _________ the station before there was a traffic jam ahead.
A. reach for B. see him off C. speed up D. make it to
35. We want to rent a bus which can ________40 people for our trip to Beijing.
A. load B. hold C. fill D. support
36. One of the best way for people to keep fit is to _________ healthy eating habits.
A. grow B. develop C. increase D. raise
37. It’s already 10 o’clock . I wonder how it _________ that she was two hours late on such a short trip.
A. came over B. came out C. came about D. came up
38. The traffic lights ___________ green and I pulled away.
A. came B. grew C. got D. went
39. The building around the corner caught fire last night.
The police are now _________ the serious matter.
A. seeing through B. working out C. looking into D. watching over
40. Try not to start every sentence with “the”. ___________ the beginning of your sentences.
A. Vary B. Decorate C. Form D. Describe
41. Today’s basketball match_________ as one of the most exciting matches that these teams have ever played.
A. regards B. ranks C. treats D. thinks
42.Not knowing much of the world yet, simple-minded teenagers are easily __________.
A. taken up B taken in C. taken on D. taken off
43. ---I feel really disappointed not to have got that job.
---Don’t worry, maybe something better will _________.
A. go by B. take on C. come along D. fall down
44. All the information we have collected in relation to that case __________ very little.
A. makes up for B. goes up to C. comes up to D. puts up with
45. Half his money _________ for food and clothes.
A. costs B. goes C. pays D. spends
46. ---How is Dennis getting along with his work?
---Well, he could always __________ a new idea for increasing sales.
A. come up with B. come about C. get away with D. get up
47. The bad new about the company _________ a wave of selling its shares.
A. sent off B. set off C. brought on D. set up
48. I promised to go to the party with Jane and I can’t _________ her ________.
A. let, down B. do, up C. round, up D. set, down
49. What great pressure the students will feel __________ their mind the moment they finish taking their entrance examination this June!
A. turned down B. set free C. taken off D. give up
50. The doctor had almost lost hope at one point, but the patient finally__________.
A. pulled through B. pulled over C. pulled up D. pulled out
51. I come into __________ with all kinds of people in my work.
A. contract B. attack C. attract D. contact
52. We had a really bad time about six months ago but now things are __________.
A. looking up B. coming up C. making up D. turning up
53. I’m wondering why the TV star can be __________ as a model for the youth.
A. built up B. made up C. held up D. grown up
54. This is the nurse who _________ to me when I was ill in hospital.
A. accompanied B. attended C. entertained D. cared
55. Mary ___________ two hours every Sunday afternoon to spend with her son.
A. sets out B. sets away C, sets aside D. sets off
56.Pakistan does not _________ the possibility of a war starting with India, but promises to do everything it can to reduce tensions.
A. rule out B. give out C. turn out D. send out
57. They _________ him to vote for the bill, but he voted against it.
A. persuaded B. suggested C. made D. urged
58. According to the local regulations, anyone who intends to get a driver’s license __________ take an eye test.
A. can B. must C. would D. may
59. I’m sure you’d rather she went to school by bus, ___________?
A. hadn’t you B. wouldn’t you C. aren’t I D. didn’t she
60. If it were not for the fact that she ___________ sing, I would invite her to the party.
A. couldn’t B. shouldn’t C. can’t D. might not
61. ---How did you do in the test?
---Not so well. I __________ much better but I misread the directions for writing.
A. will have done B. could have done C. must have done D. may have done
62. You __________ fail to pass the entrance college examinations if you don’t work hard.
A. shall B. could C. must D. should
63. The football player hesitated for a moment before kicking the ball, otherwise he _________ a goal.
A. had scored B. scored C. would score D. would have scored
64. The leaders __________ us in the discussion, but owing to more important business they couldn’t come.
A. were to join B. would like to join C. intended to join D. were to have joined
65. ---You just think of yourself ! You kept me waiting for three hours.
---I’m sorry that you __________ think so.
A. would B. should C. could D. might
66. If Harry didn’t attend the conference last night, he __________ too much work to do.
A. had to have had B. had had C. must have had D. must have
67. She ___________ last night , but I didn’t see her.
A. can have arrived B. must arrive C. might have arrived D. may arrive
68. I wish that _________ each other the day before yesterday.
A. we met B. we had met C. we did meet D. we were to meet
69. I tried to persuade him not to drink so much, but he __________ listen to me.
A. wouldn’t B. couldn’t C. had better not D. used to
70. Thank you for giving me a hand. I __________ in the experiment without your valuable help.
A. have failed B. will fail C. would have failed D. must have failed
71. Alice said she was really busy this week, but I think she __________ show up at the party if she doesn’t have to work overtime on Friday.
A. might B. would C. must D. shall
72. ---Well, I forgot to bring my dictionary here yesterday.
---Actually you __________ it here. You were not allowed to use it.
A. needn’t bring B. needn’t have brought C. didn’t need to bring D. need have brought
73. _________ I have enough energy left after a day’s hard work, I would go dancing in one of the clubs.
A. Would B. Shall C. Should D. Can
74. The experiment he had devoted himself to _________ at last.
A. succeeding B. succeeded C. succeed D. have succeeded
75. ---The enemy spy was found at last.
--- Really? Where _________ himself?
A. had he hidden B. did he hide C. has he hidden D. was he hidden
76. ---What were you doing when he phoned you?
---I had just finished my work and _________ to take a shower.
A. had started B. started C. have started D. was starting
77. For a long time, humans _________ technology to study the world around us, and Mars is the latest place we __________ machines to explore.
A. are using , are using B. used , have used
C. have used , are using D. will use , have used
78. ---Do you think our manager is going to have a new factory built? People _________ it a lot recently.
---I simply don’t know. He may have plans, but he _________ me about them.
A. have talked of, isn’t yet speaking B. have been talking of, isn’t yet spoken to
C. have talked of, hasn’t yet spoken to D. have been talking of , hasn’t yet spoken to
79. About 87.5% of the Chinese people feel that their living burdens are heavier than ten years ago, but their incomes __________.
A. have increased B. increase C. increased D. are increasing
80. ---Did you tell Peter that you’ve already got a job?
---Oh, no . I forgot. I __________ him now.
A. will be calling B. will call C. call D. am calling
1—5 ABABB 6—10 BACD 11—15 A DAAAD 16—20 CCACD 21—25 AAACA
26—30 DBCBD 31—35 BBDDB 36—40 BBDCA 41—45 BBCCB 46—50 ABACA
51—55 DACBC 56—60 ACBBC 61—65 BADDB 66—70 CCBAC 71—75 ACCBA
76—80 DCDAB



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