Module 1 Unit 3 Let’s go (2)牛津英语6A教案

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Language focus:
Using proper nouns to refer to places
e.g. How are we going to get to Moon Park?
Using ‘How’ questions to find out means
e.g. How are we going to get to City Park?
Using ‘going to’ to describe events that will occur quite soon
e.g. We're going to take a bus to ...
Pre-task preparation
1 Ask: Where do Ben and Kitty want to go? to elicit: They want to go to City Park. Review the modes of transport. Ask: Can they go to City Park by bus? Is there a bus-stop near Rose Garden Estate? Is there a bus-stop/an underground station near City Park?
2 Ask the students to imagine themselves to be the characters. Write and ask: How are you going to get to (a place)? to elicit: I'm going to take a/the (a mode of transport) to (a place).
While-task procedure
1 Put the wallpicture on the board. Point at a place. Ask: How are we going to get to ...? to elicit: We're going to take a/the (a mode of transport) to (a place)./We're going to walk to (a place).
2 Students work in pairs to discuss how to get to a certain place from Rose Garden Estate. Students take turns to choose a place on the map and think of a way to get there.
3 Distribute a copy of Photocopiable pages 20 and 21 to each group. Students work in groups of six. They are required to cut out the role-play and answer cards on Photocopiable page 21. Then each of them picks a card. Three students play the role of tourists who do not know their ways. The other three students offer help by giving them a solution.
Invite some groups to role-play in front of the class.
Post-task activity
Workbook page 7
Grammar Practice Book 6A pages 9-10



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